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Penomet Reviewed

Well heres what happened.

I was fifteen, an age where chasing girls becomes all you think about. I was at a school disco and there she was, my dream girl, Sarah. She let me walk her home that night and as time went on we took things to the next level.

When we got to school next day she wouldn’t talk to me, the others were all laughing at me,

From then on I was known as “Little Tom”. It was unbearable.

So now after 25 years the internet and all the wonders it beholds, unfortunately the good the bad and the ugly is here for us all to try and cure everything, be the answers to our prayers.

The ugly I class as the ones who are building your hopes up, the websites that claim so much and promise a new life, the ones who take your money and make you think that things will change.

Well for me this was Penomet.

Having read many rave reviews I actually thought that this was the answer to my little problem.

So after much deliberation, due to the price I thought why not, let’s give it a go. When the package arrived I was excited to open it and could not wait to get started.

Off I went to the shower did everything it had told me as per instructions and was hopeful that finally my little friend wouldn’t be so little anymore.

I have been using my Penomet Penis enlarger for the last six months religiously for the fifteen minutes a day that they advise.

I expect you are waiting for the results, well so am I!!!!

Nope it did not work as claimed. AlI I have ended up with is soreness and embarrassment, obviously Penomet likes to big itself up and not the people who are buying it.

I feel very let down Penomet. I feel as though you have managed to give me hope ,when really there was none. I do not think Penomet should be allowed to make such bold claims when really what they should be saying is, this might work for you and then again, IT MIGHT NOT PENOMET.

I have been left feeling conned and stupid that I was taken in by their flashy website. Penomet you even give yourself five stars on your comparison page. Is this actually true or is this something that you have just added, to make you look better than your competitors. So now I have thrown my Penomet away. So if others are thinking of making a purchase with Penomet, I would say, buyer beware. If something looks like its an answer to your prayers, I would seriously look elsewhere. As for me Penomet just did not cut the mustard. I might add at this point that I have just purchased Bathmate and am getting outstanding results.

I would also like to add that this is the first time that I have ever posted a review, but I feel so enraged that Penomet is misleading and does not work for all as it claims.