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best toddler pillow

Toddler Pillow and Sheets – more than just beddings

Bed sheets and pillow slips are just two items that make up toddler bedding. Complete sets consist of coordinating top and bottom sheets, pillowcases, and bedspread. This young child’s bed is just a bit smaller than a twin-sized bed, but the crib mattress will often fit this bed. Therefore, a lot of bedding for cribs will also fit the child’s first bed. The bed set and the bedroom itself should be a reflection of the child and amusing, playful, and eye appealing to the youngster.

best toddler pillow

Children Are Ready for the Change at Two Years Old

By the age of two years old, most children are already starting to climb out of their crib and ready for the next step. This progression can be overwhelming to a child. To make this easier, the child should be asked their opinion when choosing the pattern for their sleeping area. This will ensure the child feeling safe, secure, and look forward to going to bed instead of resisting. Wanting to sleep with parents will most likely decrease, too. An inviting room for playmates will also encourage friendships and share.

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Comfortable and Fluffy

Adults do not appreciate scratchy, uncomfortable bedding and neither do children. Well-made bedspreads are comprised of fluffy, sewed quilting. Smooth, lightweight sheets are pleasant in the warm months and warming, cuddly flannel or fleece is perfect for the colder months. Even if fire retardant, the child’s bed, and coverings should be far enough away from power outlets, switches, and other units so as not to catch on fire.

Other Matching Bed Items Available

Other coordinating items can be obtained to furnish the child’s bedroom completely. Skirts, pillow covers, smaller-sized blankets, and window treatments complete the bed set. Framed prints and wall hangings featuring a portion of the same pattern can be displayed on the wall or a dresser. Matching growing charts can be attached to the wall to the appropriate height so the child can keep track of how fast they are growing.

Characters from films and favorite television shows are not the only choices available. Many boys want rough and tumble collections such as pirates, moon and stars, wild animals, choo-choos, trucks, airplanes, cowboys and horses, construction and safety vehicles, and sports such as football and baseball. Girls like feminine and cute designs such as flowering plants, tea parties, teddy bears, sea and sea animals, puppies, and kittens. Children should be able to design their bedroom with the toddler bedding and decorations that they choose without costing parents too much expense.